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Terms and Conditions

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A Refund can be issued in certain circumstances. The Client must put the return of their deposit request in writing. If the client fails to meet the refund policy requirements, then no refund will be issued. These requirements are subject to a committee review, held every sixty days. The refund request will be reviewed at that time.

No Refund will be given for lack of supplied Documents from Client. To qualify for a refund, the Client must provide evidence that the services of the Client Business Agreement was not met.

Retainer is due to Black Onyx, LLC upon the Clients acceptance of This Agreement, earned for Black Onyx, LLC’s for the collection, review and pre-underwriting of the loan documentation. Additionally for submission to the Lenders Underwriters and continued assistance to the Client throughout the entire lending process. To include closing documents requested. The Retainer is Refundable. The Retainer does not include the cost of the Appraisal, should it become necessary, final Due Diligence, and/or Final Underwriting, title/escrow Company fees, feasibility research, and legal and other third party costs deemed necessary to closing. The timely payment of those items is the responsibility of the Client.

We reserve the right to change or modify the current Refund Policy.



Often, you can pay fewer points in exchange for a higher interest rate or more points for a lower rate. Ask your (BOC) Specialist about points and other fees.


Leasing helps avoid obsolescence by allowing you to upgrade every few years. In other words, if the equipment appreciates, buy it. If the equipment depreciates, lease it.

Lease &Loans

Many business owners continue to finance their equipment the "old fashioned" way, through loans, because they don't fully understand the potential benefits of leasing their equipment.
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